Floribbean Food: When Southern meets the Caribbean

What do you think that Floribbean means? Is it just a catchy phrase, or is there such a thing as the Floribbean cuisine? Well, that why we are here, to talk about this wonderful geographical and cultural region that has been a mixing pot for influences that come all over the world. Once this was the center of commerce and trade in the new world, and the mixing of peoples left their mark on the present-day cooking habits of the people living in the region.

First of all, the region in question is a geographical one, and it is near the equator, therefore, it has a specific climate that is well suited for growing many different plants. Secondly, everything is surrounded by sea, and the sea life is abundant. Thirdly, as we mentioned the Caribbean was the center of trade and exchange in the new world, this made it a place where people from different continents intermingled and created the present culture.

Floribbean Ingredients

Floribbean IngredientsThe biggest emphasis is on the ingredients being fresh. The main meets they use are seafood and poultry, with generous additions of fresh fruits like mango, and papaya together with coconut milk and citrus fruits. They like to spice up their meals with a range of regional spices and a lot of hot flavors. As for the presentation, they prefer to make the arrangement look more natural instead of being strictly arranged on the plate.

These dishes combine the vibrant Carrabin, with the homey Southern cuisine to create a specific new take on the well known local dishes.

Floribbean Food

The best way to tell you about a cuisine is to give you a sample of the food in question, since we cannot give you a physical one we can try our best to explain some of the meals to you, so you can imagine what’s it all about.

Mango Salsa this is a local take, on the famous salad. You need jalapeno peppers, a mango, an onion dried cilantro and lime juice to finish everything off.

Floribbean-FoodFish burger with tropical sauce is a fusion masterpiece. It combines a finely chopped fish meat burger, with a classical bun and lettuce finished off with a mayo-based dressing with fruity flavors infused in it.

A Floribbean fish stew with a French influence is a great way to understand what’s this food about. The recipe is a combination of a traditional seafood stew with the addition of vegetables more accustomed to French meals, topped off with a good red wine. These combinations are what makes the food authentic in the region.

The Key Lime pound cake is a receipt that originated with the hybrid of the lime plant that has a stronger aroma and acidity. This cake is refreshing and light and full of peculiar colors.

Hope we have done enough to get you interested in trying out some of the recipes we mentioned, or if you don’t like to cook then to go out and find a Floribbean restaurant and challenge your taste buds.