Spanish – Mediterranean Cuisine

There are a lot of variations to the Mediterranean cuisine palate, starting with the Spanish and French, passing thru the Italians and the Adriatic region and ending up with the Greeks there is much to take in. Not to mention that all of these countries where pretty much at the center of the old world, so they have had a lot of influences in the form of spices and ingredients from faraway lands.

What do we the consider to be the Spanish- Mediterranean Cuisine? And what separates they’re from the neighboring nation’s dishes? We will talk about some of the similarities and differences here, and then give you examples of some world famous Spanish dishes.

Mediterranean: The Food of Gods

When an American biologist called Ancel Keys and his wife, who was a chemist, Margaret Keys first published their idea about the ideal diet one man should have in his life they draw inspiration from the Mediterranean region. Their theory was found in research and represents one of the benchmark works of nutrition. Not to mention that mister Keys, who practice the diet since he discovered its benefits to our organism’s welfare, lived to be one hundred years old.

The diet is extremely useful for preventing heart disease, and it is proven to be the best way a human being can eat. What makes up this diet? Mostly fish, poultry, a lot of different vegetables, nuts, whole grain bread, pasta and rice, extra virgin oils (olive, sesame), and goat and sheep meat rarely. You can notice that there is no pork and beef, and nothing deep-fried, and of course there are no sweets or refined sugars.

Whit the addition of Mediterranean herbs like thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil, capers, and wonderful garlic and onions everyone knows the smell and taste of this world-famous cuisine.

Spanish Cuisine


What separates the Spanish from the rest of their neighbors in regards to the Mediterranean cuisine comes in small variations. The key differences are in the meals themselves. But we can say that sweet, and hot peppers together with tomatoes represent the main ingredients that separate the Spanish from the rest. Of course, these vegetables come from Central America, but they left a great mark on the local cooking habits, and that’s how these meals came about.


This dish is world famous, and it originated in 19th century Valencia. It combines seafood, with rice, tomatoes, and saffron to make an exquisite risotto. Everything is cooked together, in special made dishes above a low fire until all the ingredients give their flavors away.

Grilled Lamb Chops

This meal can be found in many places in the world, but in Spain, they make the fire with vine bark, and this gives the meat a special taste.

Grilled-Lamb-ChopsTomatoes in Olive Oil

This is a traditional way of preserving your tomatoes for winter. Both ingredients are placed in a clay pot, together with garlic and salt and the lack of air preserves the tomatoes while the garlic gives it extra flavor.